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Erectile condition (ED) is a condition when a man experience difficulties with reaching well-formed erection that would be enough for performing sexual intercourse. There are really different reasons for occurrence of such a condition. A man may have this problem because of tool much alcohol, stress and other factors. This condition may occur in different man with different frequency. You can use Kamagra in two different ways.

Thus, you can take this medication only if you plan to have sexual activity and another way is to take Kamagra every day. You should advise with your healthcare provider what way it is better to choose for you and what dosage of this drug is the best for you. As for every medication, Kamagra may cause side effects, coming with a range of contra-indications and should be used carefully with a range of medication and products.

If you want to know whether Kamagra is right for you, you first of all ask for an advice your healthcare provider. This is important to make sure that you do not have any conditions that will not allow you to use this pill safely. Also, you may be recommended by your healthcare provider to use special, smaller dosage of Kamagra if there is such a need. If there are no special conditions, you may be recommended to start your treatment with the dosage of 10 mg for one time use and 2.5 for daily use.

Once you take Kamagra, it will be clear for you if it is effective for you or not. You should remember that you will get an erection in 30-45 minutes after you take this medication on conditions of sexual stimulation. Generally, the effectiveness of Kamagra is 70%. Even if you get an erection after taking this drug, it may still be not suitable for you medication if it causes you severe side effects. Headache is the most commonly met side effects after using Kamagra. Advise with your healthcare provider if you have side effects after using this drug.